Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hallmarks & Maker's Marks

Since finding that interesting whip on my latest antique store excursion, I've been really curious to see if I could find out who made the whips I have and when they were made. That in itself would tell quite the story! Most of the whips I have have little markings on them, which I'm assuming means they are silver. There is one or two that doesn't have any marks, so I'm going to guess that those are not or are perhaps just plated silver. This is the maker's mark on the whip I found most recently. It looks like a running fox with a "Trade Mark" stamped underneath.
Someone had suggested that this might be the mark of Samuel Fox who was actually famous for inventing a new, more sturdy, umbrella frame in the late 1800's. I guess he also might have made whips in his shop. I've yet to confirm this but it sure would be interesting! This is the engraving mark on a larger whip, probably a man's whip. It simply says "Z.K. 4696". My first thought was that perhaps the "Z" could stand for "Zair" but I don't think so.
The initials "E.A." are engraved on the one side of this one. This is definitely a ladies whip. I wonder who "E.A." was? On the other side you can see the silver hallmarks (I'm told "hallmarks" and "maker's marks" are different) that almost look like little squares with crowns on the top.
This last one is likely a ladies whip as well. It has a very ornately engraved silver collar with a space left open for the owner's initials. Underneath that space are the tiny initials "J-H" inside a small diamond shape. Not sure if this is a makers mark or a silver hallmark.
Thus far I haven't had much luck researching these marks, it's partially because I'm not entirely sure where TO look to find out. It'll be a fun project when I've got some free time to kill.

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  1. Check out the website at www.925-1000.com it's all about silver Hallmarks and Makers Marks..perhaps it will help....