Monday, March 19, 2012

A few more days.....

And then I'll be hopping on a plane, on my way to Maryland for a week of horse stuff, touring around and the ISSO clinic weekend & awards banquet! I'm REALLY looking forward to it but at the same time, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything I need to do or remember. I've already started piling "important" but "might be forgotten" items on the spare bed so I don't forget them. I am a terrible over-packer too. I guess I can probably blame the crazy Alberta weather for that somewhat, you never know what it will be like so layers are good, as are winter boots & a coat.... Will I need those? Hope not! I'm really wanting to try and pack a minimum so I've got room to bring stuff home with me and not have to pay for tons of extra baggage. (ok, ok, it'll likely happen anyways... lol) I still haven't quite figured out how I'd bring a saddle back with me on the plane, *should* the chance arise... Y'know, have to make sure I've covered any possible scenario. This week I've gotta do laundry, teach lessons, hopefully ride a few times, pack, clean my boots & not forget my helmet at the barn. GPS unit is updated, hopefully I won't get horribly lost trying to navigate my way around. Got the camera, extra batteries & charger. What else do I need?


  1. Have a brilliant time Michelle! BTW, I bought a saddle back from Australia with me and just padded it really well (lots of bubble wrap, towels etc.) in a good saddlebag and had lots of 'fragile' stickers put on it ... it arrived safe and sound! Enjoy!

  2. It's been very warm down here lately...we're expecting temperatures in the 80s this weekend, so be sure to bring a couple of short sleeve shirts in case.
    Buy all the saddles you want...we'll ship them to you! Just remember to bring wither and back tracings.
    See you next week.