Thursday, March 8, 2012

I need a place to put them all!

I've been thinking, I have all of these lovely antique whips and nowhere to really show them off. Right now they sit propped up in a little alcove in our house. Not the ideal place for them though. I've seen a few photos on the internet of "whip racks" but they seem to be a difficult commodity to purchase. Here are a few examples... This one is listed on Ebay but it's from the UK. The shipping costs are quite high and I'd worry about it getting broken on it's way here. Really pretty & simple. It's interesting that the hooks that hold the whips are made of antlers and I really like the little storage box at the bottom.
And I found this one on Etsy awhile ago... Somebody has "re-purposed" it into a kitchen storage rack thing. I'm sure that it must have been a whip or perhaps gun rack at one time. This one got me thinking.... I bet that wouldn't be very hard to build myself.... (or get the trusty, woodworking man to make hehe).
During my trip to the antique store last week, I starting to get some interesting ideas myself about "re-purposing" things... Here's my idea. What if I took an old window like this...
In the little panes I could put some sidesaddle/hunting photos, small prints or postcards. Or perhaps alternate them with a small mirrored pane.. Or even find some small antique tin ceiling tiles and fit those into the panes.
And then put some antique looking, hand forged hooks into place to hold the whips...
Or instead of a window, perhaps I could find an interesting mirror to use as a base.
I think this will be a fun project!


  1. Oh - very inventive!! I love creative project.. hence the 6 riding skirts! If you make it yourself, you can decide what order the whips will go in and how far apart the hooks will go so each will get the correct amount of display space! Please post the end results!!

  2. I absolutely will Julie! Might take me awhile to find all of the stuff. I have a feeling it might take some looking to find *just* the right things to make it perfect. I like these projects!