Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally! Photos from our 1st Dressage show!

I hummed & I hawed about buying some photos of our first show, but since it was our 1st show sidesaddle, I should probably have some record of it! I wasn't sure about the photos because I'm not convinced I entirely like them, a) I really should have cleaned up Brigit's mane, b) I wish she wasn't so darn over-bent in so many of the photos. Oh well, she was relaxed, I'll take over-bent over "big-brown-giraffe"! LOL and c) I sure make some odd faces and am not the most photogenic when I'm concentrating (or out of breath for that matter! lol)

All rights to Briarwood Photography for taking the photos. You can see all of the photos here...

Here are the ones I chose to get. (If the links don't work - you may have to sign up to view, the photo numbers are 1045, 1049 and 1055)

I also am convinced my habit looks a little frumpy on me. Time to save my pennies for an upgrade!


  1. I think your habit looks fine but to me it just needs a vest underneath the jacket as it just looks to me that something is "missing" but that is just me looking at it through UK turnout eyes, don't know what the rules are about it in Canada as I never got the chance to compete aside there! That is what side saddle competitors here in the UK wear here for dressage, jacket, waistcoat and shirt with stock tie.

    Your saddle pad looked a bit big and you can see it poking out on the nearside at the side of your apron. It's not bad but getting a shaped white side saddle pad would tighten up the picture (any side saddlery has them) as the square one chops up your look a bit and probably distracts your eye making you think your habit looks "frumpy" when it's not! ;-)

    Well done on your first dressage comp, hope it's the first of many as you guys looked good!

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate the input! I thought I had everything when I went to the show and when I went to get dressed, I realized I had forgotten my canary vest! Darn! I agree, the vest really makes the outfit.
    I agree on the saddle pad too, it's waaaay too big. I did make a couple of fitted pads but I forgot those too, they do look a ton tidier!