Thursday, May 19, 2011

Progress & Flowers in the yard!!

We worked on building raised flower beds ALL last weekend and it took us a few nights this week to get them filled with soil. THREE loads of it and a LOT of shovelling!
My plan for this one is to put tomatoes here. I've started 4 different varieties of heritage tomatoes (Black Krim, Striped Paste, Ildi and Hawaiian Pineapple) to try this year. In past years I've only ever put tomatoes in pots on the deck, this year I'm upping the ante! This spot in the yard gets sun almost ALL day, so should be perfect. I've also got some gorgeous sunflowers & broom corn to plant along the back. Plus I'm going to put some nasturtiums and marigolds in and around the tomatoes.

This other bed is a bit more shaded in the afternoon but I think it will be good for lettuce, carrots, radish, cabbage and various other stuff. Plus I've got some really nice sweat peas that I'll put in the back for some extra color.
Very excited to get going on the gardening this weekend!

I also found some gorgeous hydrangeas. I've never seen them in these colors (I'm really not a fan of the blue ones). Aren't they pretty?

My tulips are finally blooming too. Well just a few at the moment. These are some new ones I planted last fall, I really like them.

And the viola's that I planted last year apparently re-seeded themselves and have gone a little crazy! They look pretty though (albeit a little messy). There are white lillies planted in there, so in the summer when they're blooming it should look quite nice.

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