Monday, May 9, 2011

Too many......PLANTS!

Aka... I got carried away when starting stuff this spring.

I started 2 types of pumpkins (4 of each) and 2 types of squash (6 of each) and now they're taking over my basement!

I guess I really expected a poorer germination percentage and that some plants wouldn't make it this far... I was wrong! Luckily other people have spoken for my "leftovers" and they'll all have homes.

I picked one of each pumpkin and one of each type of squash and put them in bigger planters so they'll be ready to head outside when the weather is finally ok to put vegetables outside (prob not till end of May).

Not to mention the cabbage and various other things I've got growing in the kitchen window.

Our house has really been taken over by plants (I think I need a plant intervention!) on the floor, on the kitchen table, a tray full of coleous (sp?) in the bathtub.... It's starting to resemble the enchanted forest! lol

I love spring!


  1. Ah yes, the annual plant adoption and rehoming process! I've gotten more ruthless over the years. Something that looks like it isn't going to make it or is sub-par get's killed off right away. I think I destroyed 6 this year. I actually have empty pots!

  2. I'm learning to be a little more picky but it sure is hard sometimes... especially when I work at a school with a horticulture program. There's always something that needs "rescuing". lol
    I have a tray full of Lisanthus and I think they're going to be destined for the compost bin, they've just been inside too long and are getting rather leggy/falling over, just look bad.