Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's officially spring in Alberta when....

You see these beauties blooming on the native prairie. They're always the first wildflowers to bloom and this year they're really thriving! Some fields are absolutely purple with all of the flowers. They're called "Crocus" or "Pasque-flower".

I splurged and bought a new camera today. It's a Fujifilm Finepix S2950. Not quite an SLR but definitely a few steps above my little blurry point & shoot. I'm having so much fun learning all of the things it can do! It takes videos (Yay sidesaddle videos!), it can do panorama shots (wish I would have figured that out while I was looking at the field of crocus today!), it'll take a rapid series of photos (6 photos/second) which will also be handy for riding shots, it's good inside/outside/dark & light, has a stability feature and even has BLINK detection! How the camera figures out when someone is going to blink I'll never know! You can also choose your own ISO & Aperature but I'm a ways off from knowing how to work that. Thus far I'm super happy with it! It's been a fun day playing with it.

And the best part! It was on sale!

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  1. Yesterday I went for a little ride in the woods and there were lots of little violets on the trail. This wet spring has been really good for the perennials and wildflowers. Despite the coolness, everything is ahead of schedule and the blooms are abundant.