Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yard projects - aka spring is finally here!

I pulled a LOT of weeds today. Urgh. The grassy weeds and lawn that tries to creep into my flower beds drives me nuts. But it sure was fun to see what's coming up, spring is definitely here!

Some little pansies are blooming already. Hardy little things they are!

Aside from tulips, these little iris' are my favorite in the spring.

And I can't get over how many tulips there are in the front bed this year! We separated & spaced them out in the fall but I wasn't sure how many would actually come up. It's going to be gorgeous when they all bloom!

I'm happy to see my peony's are coming back with vigor. As are the lupines which self seeded themselves last year; there will be LOTS this summer. This bed is really protected, almost too much so and it doesn't get as much moisture so I always worry about it drying out and the plants dying but these ones seem to do well and spruce up an otherwise boring corner of the house.

The back yard involved a LOT of sod pulling. We bought a hot tub (YAY!) and now we need somewhere to put it. We pulled up sod (now on my list of least favorite jobs! lol) and took the railing off the deck. The plan is to put the hot tub on the ground and build a bigger deck. It was exciting to get it started!

And this year I've decided I want to grow vegetables but as you can see from the pics, we live in town and don't have the hugest yard. A square vegetable patch isn't the best option so we're going to put raised beds along the fence. Originally we just had a flower bed in the corner of the yard.

On my wish list is a garden shed with a planting bench & a small lean-to greenhouse off the side... I think we'll worry about the deck and planters first! lol

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