Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun day at the barn!

I've been promising my lesson kids that we would have a "Pizza Fun Day" and we finally decided to have one on holiday monday last week. (It was Victoria Day here in Canada). I've been so busy that I've finally gotten around to doing a few posts!
We had all of the kids & their horses out to have a couple hours of pizza, cupcakes and games instead of their regular lesson. They had an absolute blast!

Mmmmm pizza!

Everybody getting warmed up, our little arena was FULL!

Explaining the rules of the "rotten tomato" game.... otherwise known as the "Egg & Spoon Race". I didn't have enough eggs, nor did I want to have smashed eggs all over the arena, so I improvised with some over-ripe rotten tomatoes I had sitting around.

Getting ready to play...

They were just doing too well, so I had to make it harder.... 2-point and don't drop your tomato!

And we did some "pole bending" relay races.

Musical stalls was the favorite game of the day! They absolutely loved this one!

And last but not least was the water glass race. I had to laugh how they all bunch up when they're concentrating on something else!

We'll definitely have to do another day of games!

I'm pretty impressed by the pictures my new camera takes inside the barn!

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