Friday, June 17, 2011

All bathed & braided up & ready to show again!

Spent about 3 hours at the barn prepping for our show tomorrow. Bathed both horses (one my riding students is coming to the show with me), braided, cleaned tack and got everything loaded up.

It's not a very big show and sometimes I really wonder why I go to all the effort to bath & braid but I think the extra effort really shows. And if we're going to be riding sidesaddle and look spectacular, I'd better not do it on a dirty pony!

Habit has been dry cleaned yet again, seems like it needs to get cleaned after every time I use it (I can't get over how fast it gets absolutely FILTHY). Saddle pads are in the wash, shirt is starched and ironed and I think we're pretty much set.

Just hoping we have decent weather tomorrow. It's been super rainy and they're predicting more rain again. Blah. It won't be fun trying to stay clean if it's really muddy & rainy all day. I guess I should suck it up though; after looking at Leila's pictures of them showing in the pouring rain! THAT is dedication!

Wish us luck! Will return with more pictures tomorrow!


  1. Hi I have a question about Side Saddle show prep. I am going to the ISSO show in Gladstone NJ next month as a groom for my friends. I am also doing their braiding. Which side of the neck should I braid on for Side Saddle? All the photos I see show on the Right side (opposite of your legs in saddle)

  2. Oh that's a question I just don't know! If you find out, please come back here and let me know. My mare has a roached mane so I don't braid at all. If you email one of the lovely ladies at the ISSO I'm sure they'd be happy to let you know the answer.