Monday, June 6, 2011

A schooling roadblock....Urgh.

I guess it's my turn to have a riding roadblock and be incredibly frustrated. Yesterday was gorgeous outside, Brigit had her feet trimmed and then I decided to ride outside in her paddock since it's finally dried up. She was really really good outside but I could tell the footing still wasn't quite up to snuff so we went inside to finish up...... Which resulted in a pretty good battle.

Everything was suddenly a big deal to my silly red headed mare. The scary ray of light peaking through the door that she had to try and leap over, the stuff in the corner we had to spook at, the noise the other horse made that made her scoot forward.... Then she started to get upset with anything I did. If I moved my leg AT ALL, she scooted forward. If I tried to adjust my reins at all, she would throw her head up and get all discombobulated. If I tried to half halt to slow her down a touch, her head would go up or she'd suck her nose to her chest and just run right through me. I finally resorted to walk/halt transitions until she could do them relatively settled and we quit.

What the heck?!?!?!

I sure hope tomorrow's ride is better.... urgh.

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