Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Show

I took one of my riding students to a horse show yesterday and she did so well! She's only ridden this horse for about a month and he's no easy ride! He is LAZY but has enough sass to him to provide a challenge. He normally gets ridden with a crop but at the show they aren't allowed, so we swapped to spurs. And normally it's a bit of a battle to keep him going but not yesterday! He was just motoring and didn't want to slow down! So we made the mistake of taking the spurs off. She had a lovely pleasure class but just as the judge was looking at her, Mr.LazyPants broke to a trot. Darn!!! Not much you can do about that though. She still had a great day and *I* think they really stood out and looked awesome! And luckily she's about my height so I brought my show clothes and they fit her pretty well. The coat was a tad big but not bad and my boots fit her better than they fit me!

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