Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh no! Not a postal strike!

Yup, they're talking about a possible postal strike here in Canada as early as today. For the most part a lot of people won't be hugely affected. But for those that are trying to get horse show entries mailed in or are expecting items in the mail..... it will be a bit trickier!

I'm trying to enter in two shows at the moment and it's frustrating because they don't want faxed or scanned/emailed entries, I think they will change that in light of the strike though.

A little secret I've been keeping.... I've ordered a new habit! Actually TWO of them! I decided I didn't like my navy habit, it just doesn't fit quite right so it's time for an upgrade. I'm also getting a tweed habit. I just love how they look and hopefully it'll stay a bit cleaner than the navy! They are supposed to be done in a few weeks time so hopefully the strike will be over before it's time to pop them in the mail.

What a pain!


  1. Oooooooo, where did you order this new habit from?? ;)

  2. England.... hehe I'm waiting to see when tjeu will be done and if the postal strike is over or not, if not, I may see about getting you to bring them to Montreal. Hopefully it won't last that long though!

  3. Wow - a postal employee strike right along side of the Air Canada airline strike. What a mess!

  4. It's pretty brutal. Air Canada has been legislated back to work and I think Canada Post will be too. Luckily there's always UPS and Fedex to get those new habits to me!!