Thursday, June 2, 2011

This is why I love where I work!

Everything is starting to burst with color with the past few weeks of warm weather! As our school has a horticulture program the grounds are absolutely immaculate during the spring/summer/fall. Every day something new pops up. The amount of work that goes into the gardens is astonishing but well worth it!

Allium in bloom.

This is the "Alumni Peony Garden", I can't wait to see this blooming!

I love these apple trees that are trained to grow against the wall. An otherwise ugly wall is transformed!

These orange tulips are so unusual!

The alpine garden is bursting with color.

This little flower is so neat!

The moss phlox is gorgeous. I wish I had a spot to plant some of this in my garden.

Even the marsh marigold in the ponds are blooming.

There are many ancient apple trees on campus, their twisted trunks & branches are so interesting, especially when they're blooming!

I went and stood under one to take some pictures and the smell was amazing!

Some of the annuals are starting to be planted outside. I love their color combinations.

I'm not sure what the flowers under the tree are but they sure are neat!

Some peony's with really unusual leaves looking like they're about to bloom.

No idea what this is but it's interesting!

Some teeny tiny daffodils

And some more tulips.

I must have taken 50 pictures while wandering around today, there are so many different things everywhere you look. Aren't I lucky??

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  1. The plant with the under hanging flowers is called King Solomon's Seal.

    I'd love to know what that little flowering plant in the alpine garden is called. I need some low growing, shade tolerating, non-bulb plants to go in between my specimen lilies.

    Love the tour!

    Can't sign in - Lexie