Friday, June 17, 2011

Things are about to get BUSY!!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I've just been running here, there & everywhere and keep forgetting to post something.

We're running summer courses at the college and I'm teaching Pony Club two days a week and lessons at the barn I board at on Mondays (just had a few more students sign up too!) and trying to cram a ride in on Brigit here and there! I sure don't feel like I've been consistent at all with her lately.

Tomorrow we're off to a show, luckily it's really close to home. I emailed the show secretary to ask if they had a problem with me riding sidesaddle and they said I could with the exception of the equitation class, which is pretty standard. Ideally I'd like to be able to ride most of the classes sidesaddle but it might involve a major panic tack/dress change! Pleasure is first, followed by a bunch of classes where I'll have a chance to change to English tack for equitation. Then there is another pleasure class & show hack right back to back with the equitation, so I'm not sure if I'd have time to switch back to sidesaddle or not, even though I'd love to. Guess we'll have to play that one as it goes.

Next weekend is a big dressage show that I was asked to do a demo during their Gala evening. I've got another sidesaddle rider coming to join me so it should be really good! I figured since I did so well at that last dressage show and since I was already going to be there, I might as well enter into the training level tests again. I really need to get riding and riding sidesaddle as I haven't done it in weeks! Plus now I have to remember two more tests! EEEEK!!! I'd much prefer to memorize them and do them myself but I may enlist the help of a reader so I don't screw up! I'm super excited for this though! A friend is going to be my groom and I'm going to groom for her as she's doing the 4th level tests. Plus one of my Pony Club students will be there doing the FEI Children's Freestyle. She's an awesome little rider and usually cleans up at shows! The best part is she rides a little grade QH mare and beats all the fancy scmancy warmbloods! That is bragging rights right there!!!

July 1st is a friday and it's Canada Day. I'll be going down to the Millarville Race Track. They are celebrating their 105th anniversary of racing and are going to have a ladies sidesaddle race! It should be fun....although we're only supposed to trot.... Time to break out the sports bra! LOL

July 9 & 10 is the Didsbury Horse Show which should be a really fun one! They have some hunter & jumper classes and all kinds of flat classes PLUS they've added a ladies sidesaddle class!! Very excited for this one! (My new habits should be here too!) I asked the show secretary about riding sidesaddle and again, I can ride in anything I'd like except for equitation. I even entered in the 18" hunter hack class, why not! I've harassed as many ladies as I can to come to the sidesaddle class so we have a good turnout, I think we will....hopefully!! Caitlin & her pony Eddie are coming up for sure and in addition to the sidesaddle class, her and I are going to do the pairs class sidesaddle. Won't that look smashing; two chestnuts (one big & one small) and two ladies dressed to the nines?

After that weekend is the Calgary Stampede, which I've been invited to come & ride at and do a few demo's. We'll be there on Wednesday and on Sunday. (Saturday is a friend's wedding and I have to make their wedding cake! lol)

After that things slow down for awhile (thank goodness!!), I'm sure looking forward to it all but I know I'm probably doing a tad too much! No rest for the wicked!


  1. Wow! That's a busy month.

    But regarding the sidesaddle race, don't they realize that the canter is the gait of choice for a ladies' horse? It's probably safer than an out of control trot.

  2. That's exactly what I said too Robin!! One of the girls is riding a pony with the most horrific jarring trot, her poor back will be sore by the end of it!
    I guess they did a similar race 5 years ago and as they crossed the finish line, one of the ladies' old saddle blew apart completely. So I think they're just trying to keep it a bit safer.

    Hmm..... What if my horse "accidently" gets out of control and I "can't" slow her down again.... hehe