Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Day in Mexico

I've never spent Christmas in a warm place and I've heard that a lot of people don't particularly like it because they need cold & snow for it to *really* feel like Christmas.

White snow or white sand beach?

I was perfectly ok with the hot weather and nice beach! We had an absolutely amazing day.

We had a nice tent to sit under for shade, lots to eat and plenty of cervesas.

But then the Mexican police came along.... Uh oh...

Just kidding! Cervesa pour favor?

They were very fun, even though they didn't speak a word of english!

Oh yes, we had the reindeer antlers and all!

Remember how I said that turkey isn't very common in Mexico? Some of the locals that came with us, thought it was the best thing they'd ever eaten.

I think he's enjoying it, don't you?

What a fun day. We played some games on the beach (one of the girls and I won the three legged race!), boogie boarded in the waves and thoroughly enjoyed the sun!

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