Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sandwich case, here it is!

I finally have one! Since I started acquiring my sidesaddle collection I've always drooled over sandwich cases, they're just so interesting. But my cheap side has always prevented me from buying one. My boyfriend found an antique one that matches the color of my saddle in England and had it sent over for Christmas. As soon as I pulled back the wrapping paper I knew it had to be something sidesaddle related because it was in the box it had been shipped from and it was posted from England.

I was really suprised at how heavy it is! It's lined in doeskin and appears to have brass fittings.

The sandwich box folds and I believe it's silver. It's in very good condition. What a tiny sandwich that would have been! And the flask, just enough for a few sips of sherry.

It is definitely something that I will treasure, I'm almost afraid to use it for fear that it might get damaged. It will have to be saved for special occassions.


  1. Half the fun of sidesaddle is the appointments. It's tough waiting til A) my saddle arrives and B) I learn to ride in it before buying all the expensive little goodies.

  2. Beautiful!!!! Lucky you and with the original fittings too! Don't forget to cut the crusts off your sandwiches :) I wish they had appointment classes here so I could buy a sandwich case. No one shows with them here, the only time you use them is for actual hunting which I can't do :( I want one!!!

  3. Neato! My mom made a pouch something similar to this for a friend who rides motorcycles.

  4. We don't have any sidesaddle classes here at all, nevermind appointments classes. That would be so fun. I just really wanted one to add to my ever growing collection of stuff.
    The appointments & habits are definitely half the fun of riding sidesaddle!