Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

On our first night in London we got tickets to see Shakespeare's Henry IV at the Globe Theatre in London. The theatre is round in shape with the stage in the middle and is open at the top. It's located just off of the river Thames. It's really neat and definitely sets the atmosphere for the play.

We weren't *supposed* to take any pictures but I snuck a couple in at the beginning before the play started.

As you can see there was some portions that you had to stand the entire time to watch the play, just like it would have been when Shakespeare did his plays there.

Now when I say they don't want people taking photos, I mean they REALLY don't want you to take photos. They had a bunch of people scattered throughout the theatre that were watching the crowd and if they caught you taking a photo, they'd confiscate your camera, delete the photo and I'm pretty sure they even escorted a few people out. They really mean business!

We stopped by the local grocery store on the way to the theatre and bought some dinner to eat while we watched the play, which was a good 3 hours long. During the break halfway through we really started to realize how tired we were from the long plane ride and no sleep.

The play was really interesting, although a lot of the time I wasn't entirely sure what was going on due to the language but it was very worthwhile.

It was nice to head back to our hostel for some sleep afterwards!

Looking across the river Thames on our way home. You can see St. Paul's Cathedral too.

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