Friday, January 14, 2011

Our last day in Mexico

We spent the day on another gorgeous beach that again, we had almost all to ourselves.

This beach was by far the best for finding seashells. We found some bigger ones while we were snorkiling. And we also discovered that you have to be really careful where you step while you're in the water as there are small sting-rays. Rule of thumb: shuffle your feet as you walk and it scares anything away.

Now let me tell you about the FANTASTIC lunch we had at the beach. On our way to the beach, you walk past a small cantina and order your lunch. When I say you order your lunch, I mean you go into the shack and they open a cooler which is full of fish and you pick out which one you would like to eat. Then you tell them what time you'll be back to eat.
This is the restaurant & kitchen.

Our lunch consisted of a fresh coconut to drink, a fish called "Sierra" which was very tasty, butterflied & breaded shrimp, shrimp cerviche, seafood salad and tostadas. Everything was so fresh. We were absolutely stuffed afterwards.

Back on the beach, proof that I'm a true Canadian. Look at that glow! (I swear I tanned a little bit while we were there!)

We did a bunch of snorkling over in this area. There was so many brightly colored fish, seashells and bright blue coral. At one point a bunch of sardines swam around us and some of the pelicans that had been sitting on the rocks were diving in after them right next to us!

We stopped for a Pina Colada on the way home here...

And just when we thought we hadn't already eaten enough, we went out to a fancy french/mexican restaurant for our last dinner there.
Mmmmm coconut prawns & mango chutney!

They brought a big tray of meat out to show us what we could choose for dinner. All kinds of meat; chateau briand, salmon, steaks of various cuts, kabobs, seafood etc.

And for dessert, flaming orange crepes!

And that was our trip! We flew home the next day, back to the cold, white north!

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