Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mexico Part 5 Time for some REAL Mexican food

We decided to spend the day puttering around town after the the full day on the beach the day before. We went down to another nearby town and snuck into one of the all inclusive resorts to take a peek. Gorgeous resorts were everywhere but compared to the beaches we had been on, it was SO busy!

As we wandered around town we noticed that there was a "Tuk-Tuk" for rent. It looks like a 3 wheeled mini van.

We walked back to our town from the local grocery store "Super Che" (maybe it stands for "Super cheap"? lol) Thank goodness for the shaded path because it was HOT HOT HOT.

One of the locals and his Canadian girlfriend took us out for lunch for some REAL Mexican food and on our way to the restaurant we passed a tortilla factory.

Another view of the streets in town.

Here we are at the restaurant, all decorated for Christmas.

The ladies were making fresh tortillas in the small side alley. YUM.

Since we spoke very little Spanish and the ladies running the restaurant spoke very little English, our local friend Gabriel ordered for us. We had no idea what was coming but we trusted him!

We ended up having fresh corn tortillas, beef in salsa verde, fresh caught pan friend red snapper, a spicy cactus salad/salsa, REAL re-fried beans and this delicious crumbly, creamy cheese. So delicious!! (And mucho picante!!) Our lunch, including a Corona for four of us came to 200 pesos, or about $20 Canadian. Not bad eh?

After lunch we took a walk around town and visited a store selling Mezcal (kind of like tequila but faaaar worse! lol) They serve the Mezcal with "worm salt", which is literally dried mealy worms, ground up and mixed with salt and some kind of spice.
Also, did you know that you can find as many limes as you're heart desires but there's not a lemon to be found. I thought it was interesting.
Coconut tubes Oaxaca cheese & chocolate were a few other things we sampled on our way back. Apparently the area is famous for it's chocolate & coffee. The Oaxaca cheese is really odd, but yummy. It's served warm and is really soft & stretchy. Kind of like the "string cheese" they sell for kids.

You can see the main square was decorated for Christmas.


  1. LOL, I would have liked the tortillas but not the mealy worms!!

    That pool looks nice and inviting! :)

  2. Oh the tortillas were so good! So much better than the wheat ones they sell in grocery stores at home.

    The pool was a necessity to cool down during the day when it was so hot.