Friday, January 21, 2011

Tower of London

I really enjoyed our tour of the Tower of London. I think we likely could have spent all day there. I was amazed at how huge & well protected the castle was, all right in the middle of the city next to the river Thames.

There was a whole town inside the walls of the fortress.

Oh and there's "Meg" and the Tower Bridge.

One of the bedrooms. I'm pretty sure someone famous was imprisoned here but I can't remember who.

There was actors outside and I do believe she was about to lose her head....

There was an amazing collection of armour, guns, artillery and of course the famous royal jewels (which we couldn't take photos of once again)

Can you imagine how much all of this must weigh?

And this amazing saddle. Isn't it just fascinating? (I never miss the neat horse related stuff!)

This is the top of the portcullis to the "water gate" where they'd bring prisoners in from the river.

It wouldn't be a visit to the Tower of London without seeing the chopping block.

This little chapel was really interesting too. The names of everyone executed out in the courtyard were listed.

Beautiful stained glass window in the chapel. I never got tired of looking at the stained glass windows we saw throughout the trip.

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