Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our trip to Mexico...Part 1

We went to the far south part of Mexico in a region called "Huatulco". I've never been anywhere warm before so this was a nice treat! The humidity was something I was definitely not used to!

Thankfully there was a pool to cool off in.

The bougenvilla grows everywhere down there, very pretty!

We went to a little beach that was fantastic for snorkling and we had the beach almost entirely to ourselves.

My camera said it was waterproof, so I decided to test it out! There was so many brightly colored fish on the coral reef. I could have sat in the water all day and watched them. I've only ever seen fish like that in the pet stores.


  1. WOW!!!!! So lucky you got to go there! I would have lounged by the pool or on the beach all day. Those underwater photos are neat!

  2. We did a lot of that! It was so hot during the day, the best place to be was by the pool with a cold drink!