Monday, February 14, 2011

1922 Country Gentlemen's Newspaper

While I was picking up my saddle I had some extra time on the way home and decided to stop at an antique store I've never had time to go to.

While parusing through some old magazines and books, I found this!
It's in pretty amazing shape considering it's from 1922.

In the newspaper are articles on fishing, swimming, yachting, motoring, hunting, horse shows, polo etc etc. (Although there wasn't quite enough on horse stuff for my liking! lol)

As I was flipping through, I found some really interesting ad's for hunting wear...including sidesaddle habits! Some of the names I recognize, some I don't.

Here's one I recognize!

Aha! Some sidesaddle stuff!
And some more! Swaine & Adney hunting appointments. It's neat to see what they would have cost in 1922.

Champion & Wilton too.

There was also an article on a horse show with a photo of the show ring. If you look really closely, you can see there's a horse jumping one of the fences in the ring.

From now on I'm definitely going to make sure I look through the magazines & newspapers in antique shops!


  1. My "new" habit is a Moss Bros one from about 10 years later than that ad!

  2. Neat!! I've never heard of Moss Bros before I found this paper.