Thursday, February 24, 2011

An empty saddle rack is just a void waiting to be filled....

So remember how I was down to only have 2 sidesaddles.......

Well that didn't last long....

"My name is Michelle and I have a problem....."

I'm not the proud owner of a 113 year old Champion & Wilton.

The condition is amazing and has all new billets, overgirth & balance strap. The quilting underneath the flaps has been repaired and it's got all new snow white linen underneath. It's just beautiful!

It's got that slightly dipped seat that Leila was talking about and much narrower pommels than my A&B saddle. I wanted to try a C&W out to see if it would be easier to jump in since I've been having such a hard time in my other saddle.

The temperature -22 last night when I left the house to go to the barn but I was determed to take it for a spin!

I think it fits Brigit better than the A&B (I've always worried it was a bit too tight on her withers). It sure is a different ride though! I don't think last night was a fair assessment of it. Brigit was being a little bit wild & strung out and I had my big winter boots on that only the tip of my toe would fit in the stirrup. I think in trying to keep my foot in the stirrup, I was putting too much weight in it and the saddle felt like it was tipping to the nearside (even with the girth done up as tight as we could).
We had to bend the leaping head so my thigh could fit under it, the person that had the saddle must have been VERY skinny! It needs to be bent some more though as it still jabbed me in the thigh a bunch, it's a bit sore today!
It rides a little bit uphill with the dip in the seat and I'm sure not used to that! I was trying to compensate by hunching my shoulders forward and WOW are they sore today! Probably doesn't help I haven't ridden sidesaddle in about a month. I like the smooth seat and it's suprisingly not slippery at all!

For you ladies that ride in a saddle with a slightly dipped seat, any tips for me?

I likely just need to get used to it and just plain ride sidesaddle more often. I really hope it'll be better for jumping!

It was too cold to try taking photos (I probably would have looked like a marshmellow perched up there with all my layers on!) but next time I ride in it, I'll get some.


  1. It sounds like a pandemic of sidesaddle purchasing has broken out!

    I also have an older C&W, c.1910, and it jumps wonderfully. It has a bit of a sweepy seat and the leaping head is fairly high. I did feel like I was riding somewhat uphill, but once I developed my swing in that saddle I found it jumped really really well.

    All saddles feel a bit odd at first;).

  2. I think so! LoL Hopefully this will be my last for a little while anyways! hehe

    That is really good to know! I'm thinking it likely has a lot to do with my body being out of shape and not wearing the proper riding attire. I'll get used to it I'm sure.

  3. Beautiful saddle.

    I'm falling behind having only one saddle. I broke it to me husband at dinner last night that I would probably need more than one. He just didn't "get it" at first. I tried the usual arguements: why do you need "2 tractors", "2 antique vehicles", "4 antique gas pumps", "15 air meters", "God only knows how many gumball machines". All I got was a dead-pan look and "but you can only ride on one saddle at a time".

    So, finally I said, "because they're beautiful and I want more."

    "Oh. OKay."


  4. Exactly! They're something to admire & treasure & oil & preen over & imagine where it's been & what it's done....when you're not sitting on it! hehe Every one is soooo unique and interesting, that's why it's so hard to have just one!