Sunday, February 20, 2011

You win some & you lose some

In regards to Ebay purchases anyways.

Awhile back I saw a nice framed print of a lady riding a bay horse sidesaddle. I thought "Oooh I want it!" but someone beat me to it. I saw it listed in January again and took the chance to snap it up. For $24.50, I figured why not. It was in a neat ornately raised frame.

I received it the other day and was a little disappointed upon unwrapping it. The frame is really gorgeous but the picture is ummm.... Well it looks nice from a distance. It's a pretty poor reproduction/enlargement and appears a bit pixilated and blurry. Not quite what I was expecting. Oh well, for what I paid, it's nice enough! The seller was really good to deal with and shipped it fast so I still left them good feedback.

The only other bad Ebay experience I've had was when a bridle I'd purchased arrived and upon trying it on my horse, the browband LEAKED dye onto my mare's forehead.... Not good.


  1. I've seen those on ebay, and I'm glad to know first hand that they are not quality. However, the ones that 'velcrobros" sell are really quite nice. I have two now.

  2. I have one of her prints as well. No, the print isn't the best but the frame is nice, and it looks pretty well in the powder room!

  3. It's nice from a distance, just looks a little blurry up close. I still think it's neat though!