Thursday, February 17, 2011

Goodbye little saddle.....

I did some thinking this week and figured that I really didn't need to hang on to the little saddle with the stitched safe. It doesn't really fit me, nor does it fit my horse.

I carefully listed it on Ebay, making sure to list it's less than perfect condition. It might look a little rough but it is rideable now. I read through the listing and I noticed the way I had written it, it sounded like I really didn't want to sell it. I put a reserve on it and a buy it now price thinking "I really doubt it will sell".

To my suprise this morning, I checked my email and someone had bought it!!! WOW!!! Now to try and find a box big enough to ship it in.

I'm a little sad to see it go because it was really neat little saddle but I really don't need 4 sidesaddles cluttering up my basement... Wait did I say 4 sidesaddles? There was three wasn't there? Maybe I'll have something really interesting to post on next week!

"Hi my name is Michelle and I have a problem....." lol


  1. I saw it on there. Don't be sad, you gave it a whole new life. Good Luck little saddle!

  2. It might as well go to someone who will use it. I hope it fits and that they send me a picture of them riding in it when they get it!

  3. It is hard to say goodbye to a sidesaddle...kind of like parting with a pet. I felt sad about selling my Steele last month, but I have come to terms with my loss;).
    Maybe your sidesaddle support group should add grief counseling.

  4. I saw your saddle too Michelle! LOL, I almost bought it ;) Nevermind, you can put the money towards buying ANOTHER side saddle...

    What is this about a 4th one????!!!

  5. Robin I think that's an excellent idea! LOL

    Leila you'll just have to wait till....wednesday! hehe

  6. Forgot to add... Lets just say the proceeds of selling this one are going to a good cause.... lol