Monday, February 28, 2011

Upwards & Onwards!

I've kind of kept this quiet until now but I've had a major change in my life. I moved my horse & all of my lessons to a new barn. It's definitely a bit daunting to make such a big move but it's definitely for the better and I'm really looking forward to what this year has in store for me!

Plus it was fun to go shopping for a bunch of new school horse tack, brushes etc. I've got my little tack room all set up with kids saddles, girths, pads & two little brush boxes full of goodies.

The new barn is warm (in floor heating!) & bright and much closer to town. I think it will be ideal for dealing with our cold winters and hopefully will mean less cancelled lessons during the winter.

I'm already so impressed. The horses get fed beautiful, top quality hay 3x a day and LOTS of it. Big pens with shelter that are all accesible out the one barn door. No more trudging to the back 40 to go find horses in the dark.

The arena is smaller & there's no outdoor arena but I think it's a small sacrifice to make. I'm sure we can ride in one of the pens during the summer.
Getting to know some new school horses has been fun. I think they'll provide a good new challenge for my riders and me. The first month will be a learning curve I'm sure but that's ok. Everyone seems to be up to the challenge!

Everyone is friendly and really pulls their weight keeping the barn immaculately clean. I'm going to miss the old barn, I was there for just over 3 years. Lots of good memories but change is good sometimes. I'm ready for a fresh start and a change of scenery. I'm excited to get things really going there and so are my riders. I'm so grateful for all of my good friends & family who've helped me make it happen and supported me. I think it's going to be a great year with lots of fun things on the horizon!!


  1. In floor heating? I'm so jealous! The best I can do is a heat lamp and a bucket heater in the tack room!

    Sounds like a great change.