Monday, February 28, 2011

Now that I've had a good positive post for the day....

It's time for a top notch WHINE. My shoulders are absolutely KILLING me. I think it's from trying out the new saddle this past week. I should have been wearing proper boots & attire and waited until the leaping head was bent correctly. That will teach me.
I think I was compensating by hunching my shoulders and having a bit of a tug-o-war with my mare did't help either. They were sore the next day and have been progressively sore-er since.

I attended a riding clinic on the weekend and he worked on getting me to sit taller, open my shoulders and not get into a tug-of-war. We had lovely, easy rides and everything felt great....except for my shoulders afterwards!! Just not sure why they are so darned sore!

I think it's time to go for a massage or perhaps try some accupuncture. My shoulders are in absolute knots and very sore. Last night I took a muscle relaxant and slept on a heat pack. I feel a little better than I did yesterday except I feel like I slept on a heat pack lol.

The things we put ourselves through for riding! (But I sure wouldn't give it up!)


  1. I can relate to the shoulder pain. Mine are killing me as well. Yesterday, Owen was a bit sluggish and I had to work pretty hard on lateral work to the left.
    Even though I've managed to get some saddle time in this winter, I think Owen and I are just plain out of shape. We need some decent weather and footing so we can go out and do some serious interval work.

  2. I think that's a lot of it with me too. And I think I just simply pushed it a bit too far when trying out the new saddle last week. Hopefully I can get in for a massage soon!

  3. p.s. I wish there was some way to get a good shoulder stretch going on. I think that would help me out a LOT.