Monday, February 21, 2011

Puppy sitting

We're taking care of a neighbor's puppy while she's gone. He's almost a year old so luckily he's house trained and overall he's a great little dog. You might remember Winston (the British bulldog) from last summer when we looked after him over a weekend. This time we've got him for 2 weeks!!

I forgot how much work a dog is!! I feel like I have a child. Got to get up early when he whines to let him out, back to bed, back up again an hour or so later to feed him, back to bed (on the weekend anyways) and then up for good not much later. The bonus is that if I take him back to bed with me, he'll curl up and go back to sleep. A furry hot water bottle!

He's sure grown A LOT since we had him last and he's a strong little guy! He makes us laugh when he see's his reflection in the window and barks at himself. Or when he snores. He seems to think my feet are a good thing to chew on..... Not so much. So we bought him some chew bones to keep his mouth occupied instead.

I feel bad for him, tomorrow I go back to work after the long weekend and he's got to spend all day at home by himself. Poor little guy will probably be pretty bored. He's so good that I'm *almost* tempted to leave him loose but I'm not sure I trust him that much yet! lol

Right now he's snuggled up next to me while I type this, snoring away.

Pictures to be added tomorrow, I left my camera at work.

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