Thursday, February 10, 2011

Speaking of pretty grey horses...

I had a lesson at my friend's barn last night on one of her students horses and wow was it ever good to ride a different horse. This horse had a LOT of potential, let me tell you. The horse was a big grey gelding, very tall and gooorgeous. My first thought upon taking his blankets off was "Ooooh wouldn't he make a lovely sidesaddle mount!"
It's always good to have another pair of eyes to point out things that aren't quite right, and boy are there a bunch of things I need to work on! Lots of bad habits acquired since I last took lessons (at least a few years ago!). My friend told me that I've been riding the same horse for too long, which means I've got LOTS of bad habits from riding Brigit! lol
I definitely wasn't feeling the most confident being on a new, young horse and in a different saddle (it was slippery!!) but it was still a fun ride. I think perhaps this gelding would be a wee bit bouncy for sidesaddle now that I've ridden him! lol He had a LOT of spring in his step at the trot.
We did some jumping and that was a real eye opener!! Talk about SCOPE! From a trot, the horse jumped a tiny x-rail like it was a 4' oxer. I kid you not! I managed to stay with him alright but I made everyone laugh pretty hard by the terrified face I made!! What happened to being fearless and jumping anything and everything? That's sure not me anymore!! lol I wouldn't doubt that this horse will make it to the big jumpers with no problem. It was a real treat to ride a horse with so much potential (although it was a bit humbling... lol). There was a few other times that I got severely jumped out of the tack, which hasn't happened for quite some time!
So I've got a list of things to practice and work on astride. It's good to ride a different horse because you can sure feel where you're not doing things quite as you should.

I think I'll bring some stick-um for next lesson though! lol

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