Sunday, February 13, 2011

Look what's back from the saddlers!

Do you remember my $70 sidesaddle find?

This is what it looked like when it arrived.
Kind of looks like it was dragged behind a truck doesn't it? lol

I took it to have some new billets put on it and a balance strap. Well it got that and much more! It still looks a but rough but now it's rideable.

They touched up a lot of the stitching, put some new button screws in here and there to hold things together and oiled the heck out of it. Looks not all too bad now.

New billets & balance billet/girth.

And the off-side.

I really want to try it out but I'm not so sure what it will fit! It's a very fat little saddle and doesn't have a cutback. I don't think this saddle will ever see hard riding but it'd be good for anyone wanting to try sidesaddle.

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  1. Just try it at a walk in the indoor arena just to see how it feels :) Take photos too!