Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Holy deep tissue massage batman!

I went for a massage this afternoon and didn't realize I'd gotten an appointment with the deep tissue therapist. WOW was it painful at times but my shoulders and neck sure do feel a lot better. It's all still a bit sore but it's a different kind of sore. Feels looser and much less tense and painful.
Hopefully things will be good for riding in the next few days. If only the weather will smarten up!! It was -37(Celcius) this morning and we're supposed to get more snow tonight/tomorrow. The best day of the week is looking like it will be Thurs with a high of -5 (or so they say!).

In weather like this I don't even like bringing horses in to the barn, it's too much of a shock to the system to come in, get acclimatized to the warmth and then have to go back outside in the cold. They've got lots of hay & blankets to keep them warm. (And I'm quite happy staying inside!)

I did spent some time down at the barn getting my tack room organized last night. It was SOOO nice to enjoy some hot chocolate (and baileys), wearing only a sweater in the barn. I got all of my tack unpacked & organized, feels really good. The little school saddles with the brush boxes underneath with bridles & martingales hung up nearby.

I hope the weather smartens up so I can ride my own horse AND the school horses or the kids will all be lunging before they ride. I may have another school horse coming soon too which is exciting! I hope so!

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