Friday, March 4, 2011

A balmy -15!

Well the temperatures have warmed up a bit. It's -15 today and it actually feels quite nice. The sun is shining & there's no wind. It's a nice day to get out at lunch and go for a walk.

I can't wait for warmer weather. During the summer this whole area is full of color. This is just part of the botanical gardens where I work. The area in the foreground is full of roses. It's stunning in the summertime and kudos to the people that keep them so immaculate.

When it's really cold out, it's always nice to take a trip into the greenhouses to warm up and pretend you're somewhere more tropical.
The flower greenhouse.

And the tropicals.

One of my favorites...The tomatoe greenhouse!

And this is the greenhouse that I keep my stuff in. I don't grow anything exciting like the other greenhouses. I grow weeds for our classes. I bet I'm the only person you know that prides themself in being able to grow a healthy crop of weeds! lol Can't manage to get marigolds to grow but weeds I can! lol

And on another good note, my office fish are still doing well! I'm quite proud that they've survived almost 6 months! I cleaned their tank out yesterday so they're quite happy to be able to clearly see out again.

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