Friday, March 18, 2011

Fresh flower friday & Wish me luck tomorrow!!

This friday I decided I had enough potted plants for my house and needed some cut flowers to spruce things up. They had snapdragons growing just about as tall as I am! I got a bucket full of the snaps, alostromeria and some really pretty lilies....all for $5.

The flowers are helping the spring fever I'm feeling, although the arrival of my seeds would have helped even more! I expected them to be here this week but they haven't arrived. Hopefully early next week!

It's another gorgeous day and I think all of the snow we had the other day has melted. Unfortunately they're calling for another big dump of it tomorrow night.

Tonight I'll be riding, cleaning tack & bathing Brigit in preparation for a small show tomorrow. There are a few flat classes and some small over fences classes that I've entered in. The committee has agreed to let me ride sidesaddle in the hack class. It'll be our first time out aside this year, wish us luck!!!
We had a wonderful ride last night so I think we'll have a good time.

I'll make sure somebody gets some pictures so I can share!

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