Monday, March 7, 2011

What we do to our bodies for fun

I'm sure some days my body is thinking "WHAT did I do to deserve all of this!". Between riding sidesaddle and snowboarding this weekend, it must think it's being tortured.

Suprisingly though, I feel MUCH better than I did last week when my back was so darn sore. I was determined to figure out this whole snowboarding thing. I can make it down the hill alright but I've never been able to figure out "carving".

This weekend, armed with a helmet and my motocross kneepads under my ski pants, I was ready & determined to experiment and try to figure it out. I fell, a lot. And I was sure glad I had those knee pads on, I think they saved my knees from being black & blue. And I was really really glad that the place we were staying had a hot tub!

It was fun & the weather was gorgeous. In the afternoon it was +2. And by the end of the day I was starting to figure it out a bit. It sure isn't easy though! (Getting off the chairlift on a snowboard is still slightly terrifying!)

Anyways we're back home now and it's -25 here (why did we have to come home? Or to pay for all this fun). Tonight is the first night of lessons at the new barn, wish me/us luck! I'm really excited to get started and hoping that the new school horses behave themselves!! lol

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