Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Show pictures!

I have a CD full of photos from the show and figured I'd better share them! They're MUCH better quality than the blurry ones my camera took.

Sidesaddle in the Hunter Under Saddle Class...

English Equitation...

And on to the jumping!

Tuckered out pony.

Getting our cooler....


  1. Very nice. Poor tuckered out pony...it's tough to have to work occasionally! ;)

  2. She looks horrible! ;)
    I think you need to send her down to Virginia ASAP to go clean up at the "A" shows... lol!
    Seriously though, y'all look amazing and very deserving of that cooler!

  3. haha Thanks! I was really pleased at how well we did but most importantly, we had fun! Definitely a good way to start the year off!