Sunday, March 20, 2011

A thought on different saddles

Yesterday at the show I rode in my Aulton & Butler saddle and it just felt right. Now that I've done some more riding in my Champion & Wilton and swapped back to the A&B, I really notice a difference between the two and really like the A&B so much better. Brigit seems to like it better as well. I'm going to keep riding in both and see if the C&W becomes easier as I get back in sidesaddle shape. I have a feeling the A&B is just the one for me. Not sure if I'll send the C&W down the road or not. Have to mull that one over for awhile.

Still not sure what to do about this whole jumping aside business... I really want to do it though!

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  1. You may find that you prefer one saddle for flat work and another for jumping. There is a huge difference in the way different saddles allow you to get forward.

    I have a lovely old C&W that I'm also considering selling. I use it more for teaching than riding in myself, and I keep catching my boot top on the stirrup bar flap, which drives me crazy.