Friday, March 11, 2011

Greenhouses are bad news!

Every friday the horticulture students have a plant sale. They sell vegetables grown in the greenhouse and an assortment of flowering plants. And you know I just can't help myself, I just have to go have a look and see what they've got each week.

A few weeks ago I got a pretty pink azalea. A few weeks before that pots of herbs. Cylamen in several different colors a week before that.

And this week they had Mandevillea, which can be put outside in the summer. It apparently likes to climb like crazy.

And they had Lisianthus plants started too. They're something I've always tried to start from seed but they always got way too leggy and then died. I really love them though... They look almost like a cross between a tulip and a rose.

The greenhouse manager knows me all too well... He says to me "Y'know, if you buy a whole flat of these, I'll give you a good deal!". So yes, I walked away with a Mandevillea in a hanging basket and a tray full of Lisianthus. Apparently they can be planted outside IF we ever get warm weather...
Now what do I do with them in the meantime?? lol I really shouldn't be allowed near the greenhouses!


  1. Mandevillea will not stay alive through the winter even where I live.. Southern Texas. One nip of frost and they are dead! Lisianthus, on the other hand grow wild down here. The wild ones are a soft pink/ lavendar color. I am ready for Spring too. Hope our last frost was last nigth!

  2. I think the mandevillea will be a house plant that might get some time out on the front porch when the weather is nice. It wouldn't have a hope in heck of surviving our winter if it doesn't survive in texas!
    I would love to see the wildflowers down there!

  3. I'm not into house plants. My mother, however, has geraniums and petunias that are almost as old as I am. I just don't have that level of commitment.

  4. I hear ya, I'm a terrible house plant person. I have managed to somehow keep a few plants alive...they're very hardy and seem to do well when I forget to water them!
    Hopefully these ones will last long enough to be moved outside when it's warm enough.