Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dreaming of warmer times....

We're still in for at *least* another solid month of cold temperatures & winter weather but that doesn't stop me from thinking about spring & gardening!

One of my FAVORITE garden tool catalogues came the other day and I've spent some time flipping through it while the wind blows the snow past my window.
(Lee Valley ) There are just so many neat things and neat ideas. I really wish we had an acreage or farm so I could really go to town with vegetable & flower gardens. It's a dangerous catalogue though....I think if let loose, I could easily spend as much in this catalogue as I do on sidesaddle stuff!

On top of that I've been taunted with the bulb & seed catalogues that keep coming in the mail! I have to sit on my hands to keep from ordering more nice things for the garden. We plan on putting some more raised beds in the back yard this year and having sort of a decorative vegetable garden since there isn't room for a traditional square garden.
This year I have access to some space in a proper greenhouse so I should be able to get a few things started early! It really helps with our terribly short growing season & frosts that occur well into May.

I really want to try some Heirloom tomatoes this year and they definitely need to be started early. I LOVE tomatoes and eat them like candy.
Perhaps some of these 'Black Cherry' tomatoes?

Or 'Tigerella's'

I've grown yellow tomatoes before and they are really delicious.

Look at these unusual 'Pineapple' tomatoes.

Maybe some purple brussel sprouts for color?

Perhaps some reddish/purple carrots too?

(I think Dr.Seuss will be proud of my garden & all of it's colors this year!)

Mmm yellow watermelon. If I start this one inside it *might* have enough growing time to actually produce fruit.

Gotta have some fresh onions too!

Mmmm peppers. I never have any luck with them though. Maybe if they get started inside early, they'll produce this year.

If I could grow pumpkins, I would be so happy! But our growing season just isn't long enough...*sigh*

Definitely need some radishes! They're super quick & easy to grow.

I bought some yellow zucchini's last year at the farmer's market and they are absolutely delicious pan fried in some butter with some chili flakes. YUM!

So many wonderful things! I really hope I can have a decent garden this year.... If spring ever comes, it might happen!


  1. Mmmm... look at those yellow melons.

    The only thing I like better than a Pineapple Tomato is an Ananas Noir (Black Pineapple) Tomato. When you cut them open, they are gorgeous.

    But, as of yet I've failed to find an heirloom cherry size I like better than the hybrid Sungold. But each variety grows differently for each person.

  2. OOOHHHH!!! I think I might just have to get a catalog. Those pictures are gorgeous and would make eating vegetables so much more fun... lol :)

  3. I grow Tigerella tomatoes, they have a great flavour and they're not too big in size. The birds also love them, and now every year they come up all through the garden, so I don't have to worry about sowing them anymore!

    I've been eyeing up the purple brussel sprouts too, but I need to get moving if I want them for winter as it has just turned to autumn here :)

    Funny how some of us sidesaddle gals are also keen vegie gardeners.

  4. It is funny! Something else we've got in common. I love to garden, maybe it's the nostalgia of that too! Nah, I just like eating fresh veggies!

    I'm really excited to try some new plants. Now that we have our yard fenced in, we'll be able to build some raised veggie beds and go to it!

  5. I can grow high quality hay but that's about it. You're making me hungry, though.