Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Having a discouraging day

I rode in my new (old?) Champion & Wilton saddle again last night, this time in full seat breeches and paddock boots (my foot DOES fit in the tiny stirrup!) and without 5 layers of clothes on. We straightened out the leaping head so my thigh would have more room, I shortened the stirrup and put some extra padding underneath the cantle to lift it up a bit. It was MUCH more pleasant to ride in. I didn't feel like the saddle was tipping left or that I was sliding around and getting jabbed in the leg by the leaping horn.
Walk & trot were pretty good but when it got to cantering, it turned into a complete disaster. To the left things were good but to the right.... well.... it wasn't fun.
We just couldn't seem to get a nice forward rhythm and keep it, especially down the long wall. The arena desperately needs to be harrowed to get rid of the dip around the rail, which really doesn't help at all. It started out with a nice departure, felt good through the short wall & corners but when we hit the long wall it all fell apart. Brigit kept drifting to the wall and there didn't seem like there was anything I could do about it. We'd drift to the wall, she'd get off balance due to the dip & rise of the track, head would go up, lose contact, lose rhythm, break to a trot and then lurch back into the canter. Ugh... By the end of trying to make it work, we were both very sweaty and frustrated. I really hope we can get this figured out.

I had to laugh though, apparently we still looked good though! Another boarder complimented us on how elegant and pretty we looked. It sure didn't feel pretty though but I'm glad it looked it! lol

Tonight WILL be a better ride!


  1. Thsi post may answer the question of why I had such a hard time riding in my C&W on my Saddlebred .. who is naturally guilt uphill. It was nearly imposible to post the trot for longer than 1/2 the arena. Totally exhausting!! If it was padded up in the back, I'll bet the angle would have been more comfortable or me as well!

  2. I think our C&W's are almost identical, so I'd bet that's it. My had a very definite dish to the seat. It rides soooo much differently than the A&B saddle.

  3. Michelle, I love the header illustration for this blog! What is the history of it?
    I have a C&W, and my impression is that it rides uphill somewhat. I never can seem to get it ride level, despite the new flocking. It rides beautifully on TBs, though.

  4. To be honest, I'm not sure, I just found it on the internet and loved it!
    I think I may have had it a little far forward and perhaps that tipped it up more than it should be. It's very nicely & newly flocked so it's not that it's been packed down. Just takes some getting used to riding in a different saddle.