Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring? Is that you?

We have FINALLY gotten some decent weather and broke above 0 degrees! Yesterday was a balmy +2!

I figured I shouldn't waste such a nice night, even though I didn't really feel like riding, so I went down and lunged a bunch of the horses. A little bit of exercise for them is better than none and the fresh air sure was nice.

We're definitely having a long winter this year, normally on March 1 the temps are around +8, this year it was -24. Today we may get up to the +8, fingers are crossed!

I couldn't help myself, I ordered a variety of vegetable seeds and brought out the seed starting trays. The seeds should arrive next week and then I'm going to get some things planted! Our growing season is so short that if you don't start things inside good & early or buy them from a greenhouse, they'll never get to maturity.

I'm very excited for the purple brussel sprouts & purple carrots, white splotched pumpkins, yellow watermelon and various different tomatoes! Some of it is a big gamble and likely won't produce any fruit but it's worth a try.

On another fun note! There's a fun horse show next week and I've spoken with the organizers and they're willing to let me ride sidesaddle in the Hunter Under Saddle class! Woo! It's unfortunate that there are only 2 flat classes because I'd LOVE to do more classes sidesaddle but hey I'll take what I can get. There's a whole bunch of jumping classes which might be fun too...astride though NOT aside!


  1. Don't forget the pictures! Very exciting to get Spring weather, although y'all are still too cold for me... lol :)

  2. You betcha we'll get pics!
    I honestly don't think we really get much of a spring here, we usually get snow on & off into May.... ick.

  3. Umm - it is not "balmy" in Texas until it gets into the 70's!! We close schools and businesses when it is +2!

  4. We've been around 50 this week, with rain and mud. Grey is inconsolable because the paddock is now off limits. This is the first time in my life when I thought "hey, after all that snow, I'm OK with the mud."

    I need to get my seed orders done. I'll be starting eggplants and peppers the first week of April, and tomatoes two weeks after that. I have all those seeds already. Time to turn the diningroom into a grow-op.

  5. I hear ya Julie! After the cold/rotten weather we've had we'll take almost anything. Us crazy Canadians break out the shorts & sandals as soon as it hits 0! lol
    The mud I don't look forward to but I'll take it if it means no more winter!

    I saw the NEATEST eggplants the other day, they were all stripey purple/cream. I was almost tempted to try growing some even though I hate eggplant.