Sunday, April 10, 2011

Annual tune up!

Poor Brigit had her annual vet check & tune up this weekend. She was none too impressed.
Well I think she enjoyed the acupuncture treatment, she suuuure was relaxed afterwards. She got a total of 31 needles and only had a few sore-ish spots but overall wasn't bad. More just a treat & maintenance thing now.
Then we did the shots. Brigit HATES shots and tends to tense up and flinch badly. She had two regular shots and then we gave her a shot of Adequan. I've heard really good things about it and thought it'd be worth doing now that Brigit's getting up there and we're planning on having a busy summer. You'd never know Brigit will be 18 this year and I'd sure like to keep it that way!
And we did teeth. I feel like a bad horse mom, I didn't have her teeth done last year but I really should have. She had some sharp points. I know better than to leave it for longer than a year!

Some of my lesson kids came down to learn about what the vet does. They all really enjoyed themselves and were fascinated watching our wonderful vet at work. They were really interested to look inside Brigit's mouth and see all their teeth.

Brigit got the day off to relax in the sun. I hope her neck isn't sore from all those shots! Poor girl. Better than getting sick though.

We FINALLY are having some spring like weather! Nice enough to sit on the back deck and enjoy a BBQ today and do some repotting of root bound plants. We have BIG plans for our back yard this spring too! Very excited to get started! Maybe all of the snow will be gone in another week....or so?

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