Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lots to do!

This week is going to be almost entirely devoted to preparation for "The Mane Event". Which is a big horse expo that happens once a year. You might remember that I rode at the Mane Event last year but ended up doing it by myself.

This year, we're going all out! A bunch of other ladies are joining me and we have several demo's throughout the weekend, as well as having a booth devoted to sidesaddle. Which means I've got a list a mile long of things to remember to do before hand and things to remember to bring. Luckily we'll only be 45 minutes from home if I do forget something and need to run home for it. We head up there to get set up on Thursday night....

Which means I've got two nights.... Oh wait... I'm teaching pony club on Wednesday... Ok one night to ride, bath, clean tack, get my stuff ready, pack the trailer etc. AHHH! LOL Nah, I think I've got a good handle on it actually, although I do have moments of feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all. It'll all work out though I'm sure.

We're planning on making our booth look like an old fashioned tack room. I found a used (aka cheap) rug that looks old & antique-ish. We have a plethora of saddle stands so we can cram as many saddles in there as possible. I've got some plants to spruce it up. A mannequin (or two) to dress up. Folding chairs & stools. A sidesaddle table cloth. I've printed off a bunch of photos to put on the walls and have a CD of photos for a slideshow. And I'm working on some descriptions for the saddles to give people an idea of the history and uniqueness of each saddle.

Any other ideas? Things I should bring or do?


  1. Don't forget your flask of sherry...you'll need a nip occasionally.

  2. Do you have a sturdy saddle stand for people to sit and try out sitting side saddle? You know people are going to want to as most will have never seen one before, even the men!! You may get some converts to side saddle riding that way.

  3. Robin we think alike! We are definitely planning to have a little something to sip on while we man the booth.

    We did manage to find one of those moulded plastic saddler's stands that we're going to strap a sidesaddle to for people to try out. I even have an extra apron for them to try on! Very exciting!

  4. Oh, I am jealous!!! I am taking everything I have to the Frontier day.. but don't have any mannequins, apron or saddle stands that can be used in the way that you described.

    I am bringing my 2 saddles and 4 historically modeled habits .. the slipper stirrip I have - and the safety stirrup. I am also taking 2 sidesaddle books, still in print with cards saying where they can be purchased.

    Oh how I wish we lived closer to each other so we could share ..

    Can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  5. Most of my stuff is begged or borrowed, I'm just really lucky to have access to people that have all of it. We're mostly bringing "big" stuff because we're a little worried that something small might walk off with the amount of people going through the tradeshow. Things like irreplaceable stirrups & sandwich cases are staying safely stowed away. We have lots of pictures of different things though.

    I'm really hoping that our booth will look a bit like a "sidesaddle museum". I have a feeling it will be really popular and draw people in. *fingers crossed anyways!*

  6. I wish we lived closer too! I guess it'll just give us an excuse to visit one day!