Monday, April 4, 2011

LEG! It fixes just about everything!!

So at my lesson last week the instructor was telling me to get my leg ON. I thought I had my leg on but once I understood what she was after.... I realized my leg wasn't "on" at ALL.

I've swapped to riding in one of my school saddles that has no knee rolls because I think my saddle is just too comfy and doesn't MAKE me ride correctly. The first day in the flat saddle, I felt like such a blob! But it's getting better & better as I ride more in it. I can actually FEEL that leg on or feel when it's not.

The more leg I added, the more awesome things got! Brigit's canter was more forward and regular, none of the head up/head down/head up/head down business! No discombobulated moments!

AND! The most amazing part was that we were able to get the stretchy walk AND trot!! I'd slowly let the reins slide through my fingers and she'd stretch waaaaaaay down. Hooray!!!

The weather has improved too! We're expecting a whopping high of +7 and it's bright & sunny out! Things should do a lot of melting this week. I noticed that the tulips right alongside the house are starting to peek out of the ground too!


  1. Good lessons just breathe life into your soul don't they!!! I just grinned all day after my last ss lesson.