Friday, April 8, 2011

Love my saddle!

Last night I figured I needed to school in my sidesaddle, mostly for my sake and to get an idea of where we were and what needed some extra work.

I brought out the Aulton & Butler and I just love this saddle. The C&W is nice but this one is just "my" saddle. With the Cashel riser pad underneath is rides so nicely again. One day I'll save up the $ and send my A&B down to Lillian to have it re-stuffed and fixed up. For now this will do.

I don't know why but it seems that Brigit goes soooooo wonderfully sidesaddle. Some of the issues we have astride, completely disappear aside.

We're entered in a dressage show next weekend, doing the Training Level 1 test and I've been practicing lots! I doubt we'll place but I think we'll still put in a good test and enjoy ourselves. Our trouble spots are our trot to canter transitions, we tend to lurch into them with our head up and then settle into a canter. Our canter to trot transitions...Brigit would much prefer to just walk. And the stretchy trot circle is tough! But we're getting it.

I think I've also figured out how to JUMP!!!!!! HOORAY!!!! I shortened my stirrup up on hole (probably considered slightly too short) but it was so much easier to get my left thigh into the leaping head and maintain my forward position over the fence! I just trotted a few fences and cantered over one but I didn't get left behind once and my back isn't sore today! YAY!!!!


  1. Good days are so wonderful!!!

  2. Isn't it strange how different makes suit different people?

    My Manorgrove had an Alton & Butler tree but I never felt quite "right" in it as I did with my C&W. I felt secure in my Manorgrove but not this is "my" saddle which is bizarre since it was custom made for me!!

    I felt good in my C&W and in my Whippy, I don't move at all, it's like me and my saddle are one.

  3. Every saddle is just so different from another. I bet even if we lined up 15 C&W's they'd all be slightly different and ride differently as well.