Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another snow day.....

We are yet again, the "victims" of another winter storm. Luckily it isn't very cold, only about 0 celcius but we sure are getting a pile of snow. It's starting to feel as if it will never end! We usually get some warm weather in March that melts all the snow and then another good snowstorm or two in April. This year we haven't gotten much warm weather so we still have mounds and mounds of snow. Does anybody from a warmer climate want to adopt me? I'll clean stalls! Dishes! Be a personal groom! Please?

Today I was supposed to head down to have a meeting with the other sidesaddle ladies that will be attending "The Mane Event" horse expo at the end of April. We needed to discuss what we were going to do for our demonstrations, what we all needed to bring and set some dates for practicing. The roads are just too bad today so we're hoping to do it tomorrow instead. It's definitely tricky getting everyone together considering our unpredictable weather and the distance between us.

I also decided, late last night that I was going to going to be brave and enter in the dressage show two weeks from now. EEEEK! They have a couple of flat classes and actual dressage tests. I entered in the "Dressage Pleasure Hack" (no idea what that is...), Road Hack and the Training Level 1 Test. I figured why not, might as well have a goal and something to aim for. I've never done a dressage test at a show before and only ever had a few dressage lessons, so this might be totally nuts but I guess we shall see!
The only part of the test I really have an issue with is "rising trot, 20 m circle at "A", lengthen reins and let your horse stretch down and out". Brigit is a bit too uptight to do that, especially if I'm trying to "post" the trot sidesaddle.... Hmm... Perhaps since I'm not going anywhere today, I'll go to the barn and practice, practice, practice!


  1. Package up the snow and send it here! Last winter was the first one in ages where we had no snowfall, the kids were gutted and I have had to promise them snow this winter instead, so I could do with a secret snow stash in case the weather doesn't deliver LOL

    Let me know if you come up with any tips or techniques for the stretchy circle. I have had a couple of goes practicing that movement on Molly and she thinks posting trot sidesaddle + mum giving the reins = tank off... *sigh*

  2. I wish I could! It just keeps coming down! I'm sure glad I have a pair of tall muck boots cause it's going to be a sloppy mess out there! At least it's not cold I suppose.

    Maybe Robin will come and give us some stretchy circle tips. Brigit figures that the rising trot sidesaddle is just too weird and usually puts her head way up and it sure doesn't look pretty OR relaxed. lol

  3. If you paint and fix fences too - YOU ARE HIRED!! Come to Texas immediately!! ha ha ..

    Honestly - I don't know how you do it.. I could not stand that much cold.. but I have always been a Southern girl. You would probably die with our heat and humidity! Thankfully you have an inside arena to work with.

    Can't wait until you post about the Mane Event!!

  4. I can and I will!!! I'd love to come to Texas! Although I'm not such a fan of big spiders or snakes! Eeeek! I guess the cold is a good tradeoff considering we don't have those up here!

    Haha and you are right Julie, the heat & humidity make me want to melt! LOL Although as long as there's a cool beverage in hand, it's bearable! It'd sure be better than this!

    Actually our weather is smartening up today and it's getting nicer! The snow should do lots of melting today and I can see tulips starting to poke out of the ground along the house!!