Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tired and still so much to do!

Well I got nearly everything I needed to do today, done. First of all, I am so grateful for my wonderful friend Karen, she was such a huge help today.

I got off work mid-afternoon, after a trip to the greenhouses to grab some plants to beautify our booth. Well in my usual fashion "some" plants turned into LOTS of plants. A pot of pansies, a couple planters with petunias, a hosta like plant, some sweet smelling purple stuff and pussy-willow branches, and some cut flowers for a bouquet. Karen and I got her trailer all loaded up this afternoon and then we were off!

We lucked out because our booth was really near to the front doors where we had parked so we didn't have to cart everything very far. We got all of the big stuff in, pictures up, flowers in, carpet down, saddles on the stands and the mannequin dressed. Looks pretty darned good! I'm really proud of it. Tomorrow morning we'll finish it all off and then hopefully things will go smoothly! Just have to finish putting some photos up, set up the slideshow and perhaps do some last minute re-arranging.

I should have bathed Brigit tonight but I was honestly just too tired. So that means I'll get up early, bath, finish my laundry, pack and then load up and go again.

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