Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Seedlings seedlings everywhere!

I *think* I may have gotten a tiny bit carried away with my planting.... But oh how I love to watch all of the seedling sprout and get bigger. I'm very lucky to have a warm, bright spot to start seedlings this year, germination rates have been very good.

Thus far almost all of my tomatoes have sprouted; the striped paste, black krim and hawaiian pineapple. I planted some small yellow cherry tomatoes "Ildi" a week or so later so they've yet to germinate. All of the pumkins have sprouted and are HUGE already! I had to transplant them out of the starting tray already. I have two varieties, "Cinderella" and "Little Pump-ke-mon". No idea where I'll put them but that's besides the point. I started 6 of each for some reason, so friends will definitely be getting gifts of pumpkin plants among other things.

I've got TONS of zinnia, the spring onions are just starting to sprout, yellow zucchini, summer squash, cabbage and some broom corn are all up.

I also decided I was determined to try planting some melons this year! They likely won't amount to anything due to our short growing season but I can try! I have some yellow watermelon and cantaloupe started! I really hope I can get some fruit out of them!

Spring is slowly getting here, the grass is greening up in places and I can see hundreds of tulips bulbs peeking out of the ground...... But there's MORE snow in the forecast for the next week. Boo. I'm happy to have my little seedlings to tend to, it makes me feel like spring is here, even if it might not feel like it outside!


  1. Spring has been very fickle here this year. My husband is, as I type, home working on a cold frame so I can start zinnias, amaranthus and some herbs without trashing the house. I'm itching to plant some pansies!

  2. It's still too cold here at night to even start anything in a cold frame. :( The very top layer of soil is thawed but most of the ground is still frozen. I'm stuck with gardening inside for now! Hopefully not for too long!