Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Show prep!

I need to remember to charge my camera for this weekend's show! For once I'm not nervous (yet) and feel like we're ready! I really believe the combination of the acupuncture, Adequan and getting teeth floated has done wonders! Brigit hasn't felt this relaxed and mellow in a long time. I was actually having to encourage her to pick up the pace a bit last night. Our test seems to be decent enough, although our stretchy trot circle is still giving us some troubles.
I fully don't expect to place a) because I'm riding sidesaddle, b) because I've never really ridden a dressage test before and c) because there will be a LOT of people there! But we're going for the experience, it'll be fun!

Lets hope the SNOW that they're predicting doesn't amount to much so I can get to the show and home without incident. Ick.

My habit is at the drycleaners and should be ready tomorrow or Friday. Brigit got a hair cut & whisker trim yesterday and is looking sharp and tack cleaning is going to happen tonight. I've realized leaving everything to the last minute isn't a good plan! Tomorrow is a bit of a write off as it's the first night of Pony Club lessons for the year. Excited and a bit nervous about that! There's 19 kids this year!!!

Still debating on whether or not to bath friday.... My lazy side says not to and my show-nut side says I should.

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