Friday, April 22, 2011

My brain is TIRED!

So glad it's finally the weekend! Today is "officially" a holiday here but instead I signed up for a coaching workshop this week. It was fantastic and I sure learned a lot and met some great people. We worked on analyzing performance of both dressage & jumping horses & riders. Talked about how to develop mental skills (a bit of sports psychology) and designing a yearly competition plan and all kinds of other things! It was LOT all crammed into 20 hours but I'm sure glad I went!

Last night we had our first night of pony club lessons. 16 riders and their horses came for an evaluation so I can figure out where to group them for lessons. We sure have a mix of riders, right from very little, leadline kids just starting to ride all the way up to more advanced girls that have been riding for forever. It was a great night. We are so lucky to be able to use the arena that we do, it's huge and has skylights so it's nice & light... The only issue is it's so big I'm pretty "hoarse" by the end of the night from trying to talk loud enough! lol

One of the ladies I met at the workshop is a high level eventer and since I know very little about cross country jumping & fences, I asked her if she would come up to do a clinic or if we could come down to her. She thought that sounded like a fantastic idea and is excited to do it! I'm excited too!

The weather here has FINALLY smartened up and our snow is melting! I even have a few crocuses blooming in the front yard!

Anyways, it's time for a brain break, I'm off for a ride in the sunshine!

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